Two Homework Assignments…

#1. For Congressmembers and Senators: Get thee into visibility!

The most geographically extensive and profoundly important Resistance event now going on is the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival led by the Rev. Dr. William Barber II and Rev. Liz Theoharis. Flowing from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “final dream”, the Campaign stresses the interrelationship between racism, poverty, militarism, and environmental destruction. Civil disobedience is taking place at capitols all over the country—and will continue the whole month of June. But where are our progressive “leaders”? If I were still a Congressmember, I would be joining these courageous crusaders in jail. I say to my former progressive Congressional colleagues: Get off the floor of the House and Senate where your speeches are neither seen nor heard—and really show your rejection of Trump’s world. Get thee into visibility—and into jail!

#2. For the incredible students at Parkland: Get thee to Santa Fe!

The two most recent high school mass shootings have had different effects on the two student bodies. At Parkland, students immediately understood the necessity of moral and political action—and have had an enormous impact on our nation. At Santa Fe, not so much. And so I say to those wonderful students at Parkland: you have some more work to do. Get thee to Santa Fe—and show your fellow students the path to dealing with their grief: get them to join your crusade to stop this national insanity and end this incredible flow of guns into the wrong hands.