Urban Gardening, Community, and Marijuana

As a City Councilman, Mayor, and Congressman, I have always promoted urban or community gardening. Not only is it beneficial for the health and cost-conscious, it promotes community engagement and awareness.  It transforms otherwise empty and oddly shaped lots into community assets.  And it’s easy:  even concrete slabs can be covered with easily available and instant soil and grass overlays.

The growing and use of marijuana—cannabis, pot, weed—is, of course, now legal.  The medical efficacy for many conditions is well-documented.  And it’s a crime that the Veterans Administration (VA) prohibits it from being a part of the treatment for the many veterans burdened with post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).

So why not grow marijuana in an urban garden?  Many members of the community need it for medical reasons.  And a few dollars can be raised for the local library, school, or community center.

One word of caution: please check with local authorities on the legal requirements for both the growing and selling of marijuana.  There are limits on the number of plants you can grow; permits required for distribution.  But let’s make it a part of urban gardening!