Support the Parade… if, if, if

Once again, the President comes up with a proposal that leaves everyone with jaws completely dropped: a military parade (a la Kim Jong Un).  As one Republican Senator sagely said: confidence is silent; insecurity is loud.

But let’s think this thing through.  What if…

A contingent of 10,000 Dreamers leads the parade.

Contingents of first responders, nurses and other caregivers, teachers, mechanics, welders, carpenters, truck drivers, waiters, small business people—all those who keep America going—partcipate.

Veterans who have served us all—particularly those with PTSD and others not well served by the VA—put their bodies on the line once more.

Children demanding high quality public education rally all of us.

Those denied or can’t afford health insurance remind us of our joint humanity.

The disabled show us all how really abled they are.

The “me too” women marching proudly and inspiring us.

All the set-up and cleanup activities are done by paid unemployed and homeless citizens.

What if, what if…

Bob Filner, author of Trumping Trump

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