Shut it Down!

Congressional Democrats—including myself—have always opposed shutting down the government.  Too many people—Social Security and Veteran benefits recipients, National Park visitors, etc. etc.—depend on well-functioning government functions.  But is this the moment to shut it down?

Trump has already appointed Cabinet secretaries to basically shut down their departments.  EPA, Energy, HUD, Education, Labor are already working against the American people.  Polluters have an open shot at our air and water.  Public housing and public education is under existential threat.  Labor protections are gone.  Regulations protecting our air, water, financial systems, housing programs, and climate have been obliterated.  And the fear within our immigrant communities is palpable.

Dreamers, El Savadoreans, Haitians, Muslims, anybody from a shithole country, are credibly threatened.  And Trump has returned to the golf course.

This government is not working for us.  It’s time to shut it down!