The Canary in the Tax Cut Mine

Congressman Darrell Issa, southern California Republican, became the first Member of the majority party to announce his opposition to the House tax cut plan: amazingly, because it favored the wealthy over the middle class!  Talk about the canary in the (tax cut) mine!!

Issa is one of the most conservative, aggressive, seemingly-safe Republicans in Congress.  As the previous Chair of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he terrorized the Democrats—especially Hillary Clinton—with investigations, subpoenas, press events, committee hearings.  And, just as an aside, he is the wealthiest Congressman in the House!

He also represents one of the seven California Republican Congressional districts which voted for Hillary in 2016.  And his San Diego/Orange Counties district almost voted him out that year.

Darrell obviously feels the wave at his back.  And he is scrambling.  There seemingly was no Republican more likely to vote for corporate tax cuts than Darrell Issa.

Clearly, Darrell feels the change in the political environment that we all hope will manifest itself in 2018.  His district has never voted for a Democrat. No Republican has ever been as arrogant.  No canary has ever chirped more loudly.