Thank you, Dr. Bandy Lee!

Dr. Bandy Lee, a Professor in Law and Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, has done our entire nation a great service by gathering2T psychiatrists and mental health experts in producing a volume on The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. The so-called “Goldwater Rule”, propounded by the American Psychiatric Association, tells mental health professionals that they cannot “diagnose” political figures without having done a personal evaluation. But Dr. Lee and her colleagues feel that the “duty to warn” their nation trumps the Rule.

All of the contributors to this collection do stress that certain diagnoses do require personal examinations. But there is a myriad of behaviors (particularly with this President) that clearly exhibit the existence of certain conditions which, in the case of one who holds sole power over the nuclear codes, represent extreme danger to the entire world.

“Extreme present hedonism” (proven with actual quotes proving dehumanization, lying, misogyny, paranoia, racism, and self-aggrandizement), “pathological and malignant narcissism”, “the psychotic spiral”, “trust deficit”, “sociopathy”, “delusional disorder”, “Trump anxiety disorder” are all clearly explained for every American citizen-as well as why the behaviors represent a clear and present danger to all of us.

We all, as laymen, can see the madness, the impulsivity, the narcissism, the derangement of Donald Trump-but now we have truly expert opinion on both the disorders and their dangers and the ways in which we and our Representatives can deal with Him.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Bandy Lee!