Not a Moron

The President is not a moron—he is dangerous.  North Korea.  Puerto Rico.  Iran.  Climate change.  Venezuela.  DACA.  Nuclear weapons.  Worker protections.  The Affordable Care Act.  Public Education.  Democratic elections.  Andonandonandon.  We cannot rely on incompetence!

And beware of the narrative that NOTHING of consequence has been accomplished in the  Administration’s first nine months.  The regulatory powers—above and beyond the nuclear power– of the Executive branch is awesome.  The environment—trashed.  Alternative energy—blocked.  Voting rights—abandoned.  Young (and old) immigrants—terrified.   Working people—endangered.  Women’s reproductive rights—threatened.  Healthcare for Medicaid recipients—eliminated.  Black lives—not mattering.  The First Amendment—teetering.

And corporate power—rising.  The 1%–eagerly awaiting massive tax cuts.  The Second Amendment—untouched.  Wall Street and the private college and the Health and Insurance industries—salivating over the possible privatization of–well everything.

Not a moron.  Not a bumbling, ineffectual, blustering Tweeter.  A destroyer of worlds.