Let Them Eat Paper Towels

Every time you thought it couldn’t get worse, it gets worse.  Even Marie Antoinette must be rolling in her grave.

The picture of the President tossing out rolls of paper towels during today’s visit to Puerto Rico must rank as the most (pick a word) galling, insulting, arrogant, lack of empathy, tone-deaf, over-the-top-noblesse oblige, stupid, in-character actions of this Administration.  Throwing paper to Puerto Ricans living without power, without food and water, without medical care, without basic infrastructure???  Take that, you lazy people who ask the Government for everything without trying to help yourselves!  Take that Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, you bitch with a name I can’t pronounce!  Take that, you stupid people who have put yourselves in bankruptcy and are now giving OUR budget a whack!  We have done wonders for you!  Even Michael (“good job Brownie”) Brown must be rolling in his grave.

Every criminal, insulting, arrogant act of this Administration quickly gets lost in the next criminal, insulting, arrogant act.  Have we already forgotten last week’s “let them eat cake” private jet scandal of the billionaire Cabinet?  Former Secretary Tom Price offering to reimburse taxpayers for “his seat”.   Secretary  Ryan Zinke characterizing his $12,000 flight aboard the private jet of an oil corporation as “a little BS”.  Secretary David Shulkin empathizing with his suffering veterans while enjoying the Wimbledon tennis matches and cruise on the Thames.  Secretary Mnuchin thinking his status deserving of a private jet for his honeymoon—and his wife denigrating all he working class slobs who can’t afford her wardrobe and jewelry. What cynicism, what arrogance, what insulting behavior, what criminality!!!

Dontcha just love the populism of this crew?