Pardon Me?

It wasn’t enough to call Mexicans “criminals” and “rapists”.  It wasn’t enough to go after the grieving parents of a U.S. Muslim soldier killed in action.  It wasn’t enough to question the impartiality of a Federal judge because he was a “Mexican”.  It wasn’t enough to go after the transgender community.  It wasn’t enough to try to mandate a Muslim ban.  It wasn’t even enough to give comfort to Nazis and Klan members. No, our President had to go further.

In pardoning “Sheriff Joe” Arpaio, he created fear in every Latino family in America.  Here was a man, under the color of law, who terrorized the Latino community in his county.  Arrests without cause, police brutality, unexplained deaths, instilling fear—these were the reasons he was convicted for contempt by a Federal court.  “He was just doing his job,” explained the President.  And thus giving cover to every law enforcement agent in this country to violate any citizen’s civil liberties with impunity.  Driving while black?  OK to stop.  Walking while brown?  OK to turn over to immigration officials.  Reaching for his driver’s license?  OK to shoot.  Selling cigarettes on the corner?  OK to kill.

The President has turned in his dog whistle for a blaring stereo sound system.  No respect for law or the basic concepts of humanity and compassion. Racism is the explicit policy of this Administration.

And what does this pardon say to Donnie, Jr., Jared, Paul, Michael, and all the rest:  It’s gonna be OK to lie to the FBI, to Congress, to a Grand Jury.  Daddy will take care of you.

Hey, Daddy: Pardon ME.