Where is the Red Line for Republicans?

Where is their moral sense?  Where is their love of country?  Where is their thought of legacy—how will History judge them?  Where is their Red Line for criticizing (or impeaching or invoking the 25th Amendment) President Donald J. Trump?

The trashing of immigrants as murderers and rapists?

The Hollywood Access tape, where he admits sexual assault of women?

The criticism of John McCain as a soldier who was captured?

The complete disregard of the rule of law?

The lack of any empathy or sadness for the Gold Star parents who lost their child in Afghanistan?

The ban on Muslims from entering this nation?

The complete denial of climate change and withdrawal from the Paris climate accord?

The trashing of the Voting Rights Act?

The threatening of nuclear war over Korea?

The overt defense and enabling of Nazis and white supremacists?