Irony, Irony, Irony

Leave it to Donald Trump to create situations of profound irony—for both parties.  He’s led the Republican Party to abandon free trade, support Vladimir Putin, and allow a President to abandon the principles of Party founder, Abraham Lincoln.

And what about the Democrats?  The protection of the Republic requires us to also abandon long-held positions and values.

First, we are forced to rely on military generals to be the “adults in the room” to contain an erratic, delusional “Commander-in-Chief”.  The country is hanging on the rationality of Kelly, McMaster, and Mad Dog.  In our supposedly civilian government, it’s the military that has to clean up the messes:  NATO,  Korea, Mexico, and God knows where else.  And it was the Joint Chiefs of Staff that publicly acted to ignore the tweeted ban on transgender soldiers—and forcefully defended the anti-Nazi and anti-white supremacist needs of today’s military.

Second, we were forced to rely on the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to defend the rule of law challenged by the White House.  Poor J. Edgar Hoover!  An agency originally trained to stifle political dissent and support racist officials throughout the country is NOW our best hope for a fair investigation that could topple a lawless President.

Third, we have to demonize the leader of Russia, in language reminiscent of the worst Cold Warriors of our past.  Liberals, who for decades argued for a more rational relationship with Russia, now have to use the evil of Putin to contain the evil of Trump.  For whatever reason (money? blackmail?), besides white supremacists, the only individual exempt from an enraged tweet-storm is Putin.  Surely there is fire behind all the Trump, Jr., Manafort, and Flynn Russian smoke.  And Mueller (another former Director of the FBI!) knows how to “follow the money”.

Let’s hope we never have to seriously confront the implications of irony, irony, irony.

Bob Filner, author of Trumping Trump

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