Russian meddling?  Fake news.  A Nothing Burger.  17 intelligence agencies agreeing that it happened is NOT a smoking gun?

Russian collusion?  Denials by everyone.  Fake news.  A Nothing Burger.  Michael Flynn lying about conversations with the Russian Ambassador, denials of meetings with Russians by Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions, e-mails released by Donald Trump, Jr. making it clear that information OBTAINED BY THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT had dirt on Hillary Clinton that would help the election of Donald Trump and that  Trump campaign officials attended a meeting to get information from a foreign agent do NOT constitute a smoking gun?

Obstruction of Justice?  Presidential prerogatives.  “Hope” is not command.  Recommendations from the Justice Department.  Firing of the head of the investigation that might lead directly to the White House,  threats to fire the Special Counsel,  admission in a national interview what was REALLY behind the firing of Comey, lying, lying, lying do NOT constitute a smoking gun?

Fitness for office?  He’s new at this.  He represents a whole new paradigm.  Don’t take him literally.  The lying, the bullying, the attacks on the press—and the whole Bill of Rights,  the paranoia, the living in a fantasy world denying reality, the misogyny, the racism, the bragging about sexual assault,  the narcissism, the lying, the lying, the lying do NOT constitute  a smoking gun?

When is a smoking gun NOT a smoking gun?

Bob Filner, author of Trumping Trump

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