Number 1 in a Series: Medicaid

“We as a country should stop and realize the number of children whose lives are at stake,” said the chief executive of a rural children’s hospital. “I don’t think people understand how all this affects kids,” a country doctor said of Medicaid. These quotes from an excellent article in today’s L.A. Times on how cuts in Medicaid would affect white working-class Trump voters.

Forty-five million American children rely on Medicaid—accounting for 43% of all recipients.  In a typical Trump state, West Virginia, 53% of children are covered by Medicaid.  Of course, immunizations and regular check-ups greatly improves regular health.  But a healthy kid, research shows, has better test scores, a much better chance of graduating, and greater lifetime earnings!  Pay me now or pay me later!

Debate in Washington generally focuses on TrumpCare as a giant tax cut—taking hundreds of billions from the poor to give to the rich.  But the Democrats might want to change the focus to taking away the health of millions of children for the wealthiest 1%.  No shots.  No discovery of the early stages of heart murmur or asthma that comes from regular doctor visits.  And the vast majority of these kids come from Trump counties!

Let’s take the battle to these communities!  Pay me now or pay me later!

Bob Filner, author of Trumping Trump

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