Happy birthday America!  And what do we do as we unwrap our present of President Donald Trump?  As a nation, are we merely “incoherent”—or heading relentlessly towards a world crisis?  North Korea?  Syria?  Russia?  Climate change?  Terrorism?  Is life copying art—or at least TV—with the Underwoods of “House of Cards” using terrorism to scare the populace, declare martial law, and establish autocratic rule?

The increasing frantic nature of tweets against the media.  The flip flops on everything,  like healthcare.  The complete ignorance of history and diplomacy.  The fatuousness of Jared, who, I learned today, has more personal staff than Rex Tillerson!  The complete fecklessness of Congressional Republicans.  The still solid support of his “base”.  And all the pundits still proclaiming that all is normal, with the system—the Courts, the press, civil protest—actually working!

Secretary Price destroying Obamacare.  Secretary DeVos destroying public education.  Administrator  Pruitt destroying 50 years of environmental protection.  Secretary Perry destroying all the gains of renewable energy—and making the world, again, “safe” for fossil fuel rape.  Attorney General Sessions destroying  60 years of civil rights and criminal justice gains.  Secretary Acosta destroying all hopes of workplace safety and equality—and an increased minimum wage.  Secretaries Tillerson and Mattis destroying any expectation of “adults” in the room.  No ambassadors,  no U.S. Attorneys,  no high level diplomats—but a plethora of  regulations destroying  Bannon’s “deep state”,  of budget proposals that will build a wall and rip apart the safety net for poor Americans, and tax ideas that will make even greater the already record economic inequality in America.

Happy Birthday America!